DIGIT Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first DIGIT project newsletter!

What is DIGIT?
We are an Erasmus+ project! These projects are made to create educational tools for people working in some specific sectors.
DIGIT aims to help SMEs in the agri-food sector to reach international markets via digitalization. We will develop Open Educational Resources for those interested in teaching and learning these skills. We will also develop a toolkit for workers and teachers on how to internationalize agri-food SMEs. Lastly, the project will develop another toolkit for online agri-food events, for events and fairs organizers.

News on digitalization

Caviar sales increased during the pandemic
Caviar purchases did not soar with closed restaurants. People bought the delicacy to eat at home during lockdown. Companies that open websites with online shops in 2021 saw sales going up 60% as they reached new markets. The strategy also cuts the middlemen, increasing profits.

Farmers are profiting from technology coming from European Projects

Farmers in Serbia are using lss pesticidesl ess water and getting real-time environmental parameters to improve their grape harvest. The costs with pesticides was reduced in 10%,and they are now optimizing their work in the field and reducing the water usage with the help of Horizon 2020 Project DEMETER. The prooject funds the ‘Disease Prediction and Supply Chain Transparency for Vineyards’ initiative, delivering new technlogies for over 77 farms.

Tea producers and startups team up to reach new markets
A tea vendor from India’s street market teamed up with a startup who is looking for exotic tea flavours. The vendor now works scouting and sourcing almost unkown products to the world. The vendor has now a higher wage and less working hours, while the startup differentiates itself in the market with exclusive products.

Nanotech helps Afrcan farmers increase yelds and reach new markets
Cellphone apps are helping small farmers to get updated information on the upcoming weather variations, in a world were climate change makes predictions harder. Now, the creators of CUltiv4G are also developing a marketplace the agripeneurs can sell their products internationally.

Funding opportunity

AIPlan4EU will leverage the excellent research on AI planning technology in Europe by bringing it to innovators and practitioners. Open Call winners wil receive up €90K in funding.

Open call #1 for innovators features three different tracks, distinguishing three different kinds of contributions. Track A is mainly of interest for AI planning experts, while Tracks B and C mostly require more general software development.

Innovators (researchers, experts, students,…) and organisations (SMEs, medium and larger companies, universities, research institutes, labs,…) are eligible. In track B, a consortium of two organisations is also eligible.

Open call #1 for innovators is open by 20 April 2022, 17h CET.

Apply now!
Find out more at: https://www.aiplan4eu-project.eu/call-for-use-cases/open-call-1-for-innovators/

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme under project number 2021-1-DE02-KA220-VET-000034657