Meet the DIGIT team: Lycee Raymond Naves

1. Tell us more about the very beginning of DIGIT – the proposal, setting up the team and your very first impressions. 

We were very excited to participate in this European project and to meet our partners. We wanted to participate in this project because we are convinced of its relevance in relation to SME’S needs and the new graduation process of our students.

2. How was this one-year project?

The first meeting in Madrid, unfortunately, could not take place because of the pandemic. But the remote meeting allowed us to carry out our 1st exchanges. The definition of digital skills was enriching and was the starting point for a common vision of the construction of the modules.

It was then necessary to seek partners to test the tools. We received a warm welcome from our professional contacts and training organizations.

The arrival of a new English-speaking and digital marketing teacher in the Raymond Naves team smoothed the working process. The meeting of the DIGIT TEAM members in Madrid in September finally allowed us to meet in person and boosted teamwork.

3. How do you think the DIGIT project can make a difference in providing relevant skills, knowledge, competencies, and tools to drive an inclusive digital transformation of the internationalization process of EU SMEs in the agri-food industry?

We hope the modules are accessible and effective. They should allow agri-food professionals to better understand the digitization of their operations.

4. What is the main result that DIGIT will deliver? 

Independently of the developed modules mentioned above, the project has enabled fruitful cooperation between the members of the European team thanks to Erasmus. 


Lycee Raymond Naves Team

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme under project number 2021-1-DE02-KA220-VET-000034657