October 27, 2023

Project results 3 – Toolkit to organise digital events of internationalization

The goal of the Toolkit #3 is to organize digital events of internationalization Module 1: European best practices for online events Module 2: Insight into the digital tools to organise events available Module 3: Strategies to ensure the interaction of participants Module 4: Digital marketing campaigns techniques Module 5: Issues concerning data protection and privacy
October 26, 2023

Project results 2 – Toolkit Accessible Digital Marketing Techniques

The goal of the Toolkit #2 is to provide accessible digital marketing techniques. Module 1- How to set up an online presence Module 2- Building one’s e-commerce Selling one’s products online Module 3- How to increase your traffic to increase your sales Module 4- How to set up an online marketing strategy Module 5- How to “digitally” aggregate your different sale channels
March 25, 2023

Project results 1 – OERs

The goal of Project Results (PR) 1 is the development of OERs (open electronic resources) training materials for internationalisation professionals and Vocational Education Training (VET). PR1 is divided into four modules: Module 1: Information & Data Literacy Module 2: Communication & Collaboration Module 3: Digital Content Creation Module 4: Safety & Problem Solving